MBA Data Guru Reaches 1,000 Visits

MBA Data Guru 1000 visitsI started MBA Data Guru a little over a month ago after all of my MBA applications were submitted. I needed something to distract me while waiting to hear from all of the schools I applied to. When I found the GMAT Club application data, I knew it would be the perfect thing to keep me busy. My goal is to help the next round of applicants to better understand MBA admissions by showing them what their chances are at different schools. Fewer than 40 days after starting this website, it has had over 1,000 visits from more than 700 unique individuals. I think that this is a great start, and I hope to build from here. I plan to not only build this website while waiting to start my MBA, but also continue to work on it while in school. I hope to build this into one of the largest MBA admissions websites.

What is Next from MBA Data Guru?

In addition to working on the MBA Data Guru blog, I am working on building a fully functioning admissions calculator for all of the top MBA programs. This calculator will predict your chances of being admitted into different programs based on a few pieces of information, including GMAT, GPA, years of experience and others. This is a fairly large undertaking because I need to learn how to program HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, R and MySQL. I am making great progress and plan to finish the admissions calculator before I start school in the August. I will also build a comprehensive database of all MBA data you could ever hope to find, including admissions as well as job placement data for all of the top MBA programs. If there is anything that you would find helpful and would like me to add to this website, please let me know by leaving a comment on this article.

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