Monthly Archives: May 2016

MBA Admission Calculator Officially Launched

MBA Admission Calculator - Business Shool Application ChanceAfter 2 years of effort and over 1,000 hours of work, I have finally launched my MBA Admission Calculator. The calculator uses the logistic regression models that I built to write most of the articles on this website. It only requires you to fill in 10 pieces of information to get a rough idea of how competitive you are at top MBA programs. Each model was built using a minimum of 500 applicants worth of data. The data comes from the forums at GMAT Club. Continue reading

McKinsey Emerging Scholars

For all of you soon to be MBA Students interested in consulting, McKinsey has a great opportunity for you. Apply for the McKinsey Emerging Scholars program by May 19th 2016. If you are selected to be a scholar, then you will receive a monetary award, mentorship from McKinsey consultants and an invitation to a celebratory event. Continue reading