At the beginning of my career, I worked in strategy and marketing analysis for over 6 years in financial services. I am a recent alumni from Stern School of Business and I have been working at one of the top strategy consulting firms since I graduated in May 2016. I am passionate about numbers and analysis, so I created this website to answer all the questions an MBA applicant would want answered. My undergraduate degree was in engineering, but I was 2 classes short of a double major in applied math and statistics. I will be focusing on the top 25 schools because they are the schools people are most interested in and because they have the most data available. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

The data used to create the analysis on this website comes from GMAT Club. The data only represents a small percentage of the total applicants (roughly 10%) and may be biased based on the source. Therefore, results may not be 100% accurate and are meant to give you a rough idea of your chance of admission.

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    1. admin Post author

      It went well, I got into NYU and I am attending right now. Going to business school was the best decision I ever made.

  1. Shrishti

    Amazing blog. Have started making notes and sure to follow your analysis on the BIG MBA world. Looking forward to hearing more from you on life at Stern Campus.

  2. Andrew

    this is a great site–good application of stats too (I can appreciate the inclusion of P-values in some analysis 😀

  3. Rafael Arbex

    Hello Wayne!

    I would love to get my profile evaluated by you.
    I am brazilian, 26, engineering and have a family business background.

    If it is possible, how can I send you my Resume and get it evaluated?


    1. Wayne Atwell Post author

      Hi Rafael, I working like 70 hours these days so unfortunately I don’t have time to review resumes. Have you checked out the admissions calculator? Best of luck applying!

  4. Eduardo

    Wayne, contact me through Github (@eflores89), I have experience scraping web data, we could do some of these stats with a larger or different sample (for example clearadmit livewire or linkedin).

    Super interesting site and congrats on getting started, there is certainly a huge lack of data out there for us applicants, apart from what the schools deem to share…

  5. FrankB

    I loved the UNC Kenan-Flagler analysis by round. I noticed that Michigan’s Ross SoB has a lot in common with UNC. Did you do a round analysis for Ross? Was the data set at UNC small for the results you found at UNC?

    Great resource overall! Thank you for your effort!

    1. Data Guru Post author

      I did all of those analyses a while ago and can’t remember. Generally speaking, if there is a factor that has any noticeable impact on acceptance rate then I included it in the school analysis article. So if it is missing then it means there was little to no impact.


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