MIT MBA Acceptance Rate Analysis

MIT is one of the most selective business schools in the top ten after Stanford and Harvard. The MIT MBA acceptance rate is only 13%, however several factors can influence your chance of admission at Sloan. Now that I have finished my consulting interviews and secured some summer internship offers I have been able to turn my focus back to this website. I built a statistic model to predict the chance of admissions based on a few pieces of data. I plan to build an admissions calculator, but until then I’ll share with you some of the insights I learned about MIT MBA acceptance rate.

MIT MBA Acceptance Rate by GMAT

MIT MBA Acceptance Rate by GMAT Sloan AdmissionsAs you would expect, a higher GMAT increases your chance of acceptance at MIT. The average GMAT score at MIT is 713, which results in a 13% acceptance rate. Increasing your GMAT by 100 points from 650 to 750 would roughly double your chance of admission. Even with an 800, the acceptance rate is only 20%.

MIT MBA Acceptance Rate by GPA

MIT MBA Acceptance Rate by GPA Sloan AdmissionsGPA is also critical for admission into the Sloan School of Management. The average GPA is very high at 3.6. For each .10 change in GPA, the acceptance rate changes by roughly 1%. Obviously your GPA is likely already written in stone, so you should focus on increasing your GMAT instead.

MIT MBA Acceptance Rate: GMAT vs. GPA

MIT MBA Acceptance Rate by GPA vs. GMAT Sloan Business School

Most schools prefer a high GMAT score* to a high GPA, however MIT is not one of them. The only other school that prefers a high GPA is Harvard Business School. Although GPA matters slightly more than GMAT, GPA can’t be changed once you graduate. If you have a low GPA then make sure you have a solid GMAT and focus on other factors like leadership and volunteer work. I started a networking group that grew to 900 people, which went over well with the admissions committee. It wasn’t even hard, I just started a meetup group in my area.

MIT MBA Acceptance Rate by Round

MIT MBA Acceptance Rate by Round Sloan Business School AdmissionsAt Sloan, the round you apply in is very important. As you can see in the graph above, acceptance rate at MIT is 50% higher for round 1 applicants compared to round 2. If you have no other choice, you might as well apply round 2, but absolutely try to apply round 1 if possible.

GMAT, GPA and application round were the only factors that had a noticeable affect on admissions rate. Surprisingly, industry, major and years or work experience had no impact on acceptance rate.

*A high GMAT or high GPA is defined as one standard deviation above average.

3 thoughts on “MIT MBA Acceptance Rate Analysis

  1. Lucy

    Hi DataGuru,
    Thanks for creating this site, it’s so helpful. I’m a college senior graduating next summer, and I’m applying for MBA right after college. (I know this is kinda risky but as an international student, I don’t have much choice).
    I’m thinking Duke, MIT, Harvard 2+2. Right now I have 1.5 years working experience, and a 3.87 GPA. My first GMAT score was only 610 so I’m retaking it next month. I read through your blog and see that you recommend to apply in round 1 for Harvard and MIT. But since my GMAT is not high enough, I certainly gonna miss the round 1 deadline. So I plan to apply for round 2. Just want to ask for your opinion and any suggestions for a college senior like me? Also, do you have any data regarding Duke university?
    Thank you so much!

    1. Data Guru

      You have a good GPA which will help but if you want to get into a top school you need to raise your GMAT significantly unless you have done something amazing like cured cancer. As an applicant without work experience you already have the deck stacked against you, so retake the GMAT and apply round 2. NYU also has a program for exceptional undergraduate candidates called the Berkley Scholars. If you are a Berkley scholar then you get a full scholarship at NYU. Below is a link to my analysis of Duke. Application round doesn’t seem to matter at Duke.

  2. SloanHopeful

    Hi DG,

    I love this website SO much! Thank you for making it.

    I am a female from Boston with a 3.7 from a solid private university (think BC, NYU, etc) and a 760. I have four years of work experience in the nonprofit sector, nothing particularly earth shattering, looking to go into nonprofit consulting. Will being a local woman help my odds? I heard that it could.

    Thank you!!


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